Thursday, February 18, 2010

Top And Bottom 3 Worries As A Mom

Kodak and Juice Box Jungle (see my sidebar widget) sponsored me to write a post about what my top and bottom 3 worries are as a Mom. And I thought, worries? What worries? Are we supposed to worry about something?

If you add a few zeros to the 3, it would be a much easier list to generate. I obsess about everything from nuclear holocaust, to child abduction, to my kids becoming staunch Republicans to overpaying for printer Ink... but hey, the latter is a mute point with Kodak's printer ink! Gotta love a good deal on printer ink! We go through it like water 'round here.

So, here goes my top and bottom 3 worries as a Mom. Start thinking about YOURS... I'd love to hear!

Top 3 Worries
1. I will outlive CB.
2. I won't outlive CB.
3. Pain/Suffering of any of my children or family.

Having something happen to any one of my children, husband or family is always my biggest worry. The thing with CB is that I'm not sure if I want to outlive her or not. This is a really weird position to be in... to hope your child passes away before you do... what mother would or could wish this?!?!? The mother of a child who has so many needs that if you were gone, bad things may happen to them. Anything from neglect, institutionalization or worse. Without you to advocate, you rely on others, and you're not sure the "others" would make the same decisions as you would. They wouldn't love her and sacrifice as much. That's the FEAR at least.

The whole thing is just yucky to think about. Nothing else in my life even comes close to these worries.

Bottom 3 Worries:
1. My children's fashion/appearance. Yeah, I just don't care about how "pretty" or well dressed they are. They're beautiful to me, and as long as they are confident, strong, and content in their own skin, they will be okay.

2. Wealth/Materialism.
Yes, I like nice things, don't get me wrong, but I won't waste precious psychic energy worrying about if I am keeping up with the proverbial Jones.

3. That my kids will turn into a self-absorbed teen starlets and end up on a bad reality show for B list celebrities.
Given the lack of talent in both my husband and myself, I don't see any budding Hannah Montanas or Lindsay Lohans. Oh well, there goes fame and fortune, teen pregnancy and stints in rehab. Of course, they could get a reality show based on no talent at all... like having sextuplets or beau coup plastic surgery... Hmmmmm.... maybe I SHOULDN'T strike "child star wash-up turned reality show loser" off the worry list quite yet.

Ok, give it up.... what'da YOU worry and not worry about?

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