Friday, June 18, 2010

Evenflo Momentum 65 DLX Covertible Car Seat: Safe & Easy

When I gave birth to child number 2, little Miss Pink, I thought since I was a seasoned parent already, that I had the whole gig down pat. Suddenly, I realized that not only did I not REMEMBER anything about newborns and their care which I experienced almost 10 years prior to my second child, but a lot had CHANGED. There was no, at least not that I was aware of, latch system back in 1995 and we didn't have that snap and go car seat. They were still encouraging co-sleeping and even the nursing was different. I just remember we had this old, random forward facing car seat... I'm not sure we ever had her facing backwards ever. Was that not a "thing" back then or am I just not remembering it right? And there were no "Bundle Me" fleecy zip-up winter things that you put over the car seat... no, I had her in the big, giant snowsuit that you had to take on and off with the car seat. So annoying. Man, I really roughed it back then.

Either car seats have come a long way, or we just didn't have much money back then to afford the nicer ones. So, we have Pink and my husband (brilliant as he is) just comes to the hospital on the day of discharge with the car seat still in the box in the trunk. He chooses to install it while I'm sitting in the lobby of the hospital holding a 2 day old baby in my arms who I just nursed and will likely need to nurse again in 12 minutes, and here he is trying to install this blessed car seat base and hook up the stupid straps, etc... it literally took 30 minutes until he asked another couple getting ready to leave with THEIR newborn from the hospital to help him. The other new dad obviously had his act together because his seat was already installed and they just popped their infant right in! How embarrassing. The guy was very nice, but we were totally a buzz kill on his "leaving the hospital with a new baby" moment.

Too bad we didn't have the new Evenflo Momentum 65 DLX Convertible Car Seat! This just released model from Evenflo (we have 2 Evenflo car seats now!) has features that make safety, installation, and use as easy as possible for parents.

Evenflo and Juice Box Jungle sponsored me to write this post.


  1. Too funny and Congrats! I felt the same way after the birth of my 3rd. And you'd think I'd be a seasoned pro right! lol! I forgot everything, when to start rice cereal, when to start solids. I felt like a first time mom over again!

  2. Just found this as I was looking for reviews of the Evenflo because I bought a silly little infant seat. I laughed at your description because I can relate. My husband did have it out of the box but that was as far as it went. We got very sympathetic looks from the valet drivers instead of help from a together dad. And it has also been 10 years between kids for me with my littlest born June 19th, 2010.