Friday, October 1, 2010

Diamond Jewelry and DiamondEarrings.com

Every girl should receive a little red velvet, heart-shapped box in the mail.  Especially if it has a pair of diamond earrings cradled inside. 

Okay, faux diamond earrings but can anyone aside from a jewelry REALLY tell the difference?  DiamondEarrings.org understand that we all want to look fabulous on a budget.  Sure, it would be great if everyone could afford a pair of diamond studs but honestly, we all can't. But we love the look. And quite honestly, I can't deal with the stress of expensive jewerly with the way I loose things.  Faux diamond earrings are perfect for busy moms like me that want to have bit of bling on their ears without the high cost or worry. 

I began wearing my complimentary pair of diamond studs this week and have received many compliments!  They have a slight heart shape which make them very feminine and sweet.  My little girls are all ga-ga over them...and they can wear them too since the price is right! 

DiamondEarrings.org are running a limited promotion... go onto their website to receive a FREE pair of diamond earring studs (remember, they aren't REAL diamonds, just made to look like them).  All you do is pay $3.77 postage/shipping and they promise no strings attached.

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