Saturday, October 2, 2010

M'Chic Jeans: No More Muffin Top!

Most things that are too good to be true are simply that... too good to be true. Or, at least that is what I thought when I heard there was a sexy, comfortable pair of jeans out there promising to slim the dreaded "muffin top" area. Well, someone who knows the plight of most American women stood up and said "Muffin tops are for eating, not wearing!" and created M'Chic jeans carrying that very catch phrase.

M'Chic (pronounced mmmm sheek, similar to saying "magic" with a french accent) is a company run by women who understand women's bodies. If you have had kids, you know what I'm talking about...no matter what size or shape you are, pregnancies take toll on your body. Unless you are blessed with phenomenal genetics and/or work out like a fiend (in which case we all hate you right now) you likely experience some degree of "muffin top." You know, the bit (or in my case, lots) of smoosh and goosh that hangs over the belt. This is especially difficult to cover in today's style of snug, fitted tops and low rise jeans. The result, unsightly bulges from all angles or low rise jeans smooshing everything up and out and showing your undies every time you bend over.

Now, there are certainly products out there that can be worn under your clothes to smooth and slenderize, but let's face it... is it really comfortable to be all layered up especially under a pair of clinging jeans?  M'Chic had the brilliant idea to create a revolutionary jean by combining a belly band and cute jean together in one! So no more feeling like you're wearing underwear and some type of girdle or biking shorts contraption layered under your clothes. All you need to slim and firm is all in one!

How does it work?  M'Chic jeans have an attached, breathable,non slip belly panel to fit all torso lengths. It can also be "rolled" or adjusted to different heights guaranteeing your utmost comfort and results. The belly band will just look like a cami if your shirt comes up, unlike other embarrassing things peeking over your low rise jeans.

Featured on Good Morning America, Good Day Sacramento, NBC San Antonio,and KNTV Las Vegas, and reviewed in the LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer and on Iconoculture.com, M'Chic jeans are proving to be every woman's dream come true! They flatten the belly, reshape the "rear," and the stretch denim sculpts your entire lower body.

Jeans come in your choice of washes in either skinny or straight leg for $49.00. Capri jeans are $39.00 and M'Chic Fashions even began a line of Tankini Swimsuits - keep in mind for next summer, as these suits are designed with the same slimming material.

Order online or find a boutique selling M'Chic jeans in several states across the nation. Click HERE to see if a boutique is near you, try them on and see just how comfortable and slimming they are!

Note:  I was not paid for this endorsement, but I was given a pair of jeans to wear
in exchange for an honest review of the product.

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